Moo?! Oh It’s An Easter Egg! :

Btw this wallpaper is from 海派甜心! Rainie is so cute! Even though she is covered up 😦

So I am a newbie when it comes to Ubuntu. I have been playing around with Ubuntu for several years, but 9.04 and 9.10 are the first distros that I have really used. In fact I am now running a HTPC with Ubuntu and a desktop with Ubuntu, then of course I have my Macbook Pro. So anyways I was talking with a friend of mine about Ubuntu. He was telling me about some commands that he thought I would need to know for the terminal. While we were talking he told me about an Easter Egg that he found in Ubuntu. If you open the terminal and type in “sudo apt-get moo” you will be in for a treat. I just love the humor that the open source community has. 😛 But on a more serious note Ubuntu 9.10 is a very solid release and I think it is just about as easy to install as Windows and Mac OS X. So I think Microsoft and Apple really need to be paying attention to this sector in the computing world, otherwise they will be in a world of hurt say 2-4 years from now. So anyways if your a Linux user try out this silly little command 😛 Have fun!

Oh P.S. If you know any other Easter Eggs in Ubuntu please leave a comment. I would be interested to see some more! Thanks everyone!

~ by branhow on January 31, 2010.

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  1. your welcome


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