Grab Ahold of His Mercy and Grace

I am supposed to be finishing a very important paper right now for my English class but I have been really wanting to write this blog entry for about a week now. This event that I witnessed really broke my heart and it takes a lot of unfortunate events to tear up my eyes. But this situation really did make me teary eyed.

This story happened about a week ago and it still has stuck with me. I was checking my post office box here in my hometown and as I was walking into the downtown post office I witness a middle age man that was trembling as he was walking. His whole body was shaking noticeably even from afar. I had seen this man before and I had even spoken to him a while back. He is a homeless man and his name is Dennis Robinson. Dennis has suffered an addiction for a long time and he would often ask me for money so he could get his fix.
Well as I am leaving the post office I walk right by him as he is sitting down on the sidewalk. His whole body is trembling and his eyes are blood shot. Now I am not telling you this next part because I want you all to think highly of me. I do not deserve praise or admiration. But I felt as though God told me to grab him a bite to eat. So I drove to the nearest fast food chain and bought him some food and a cup of water. Well I drove back to the downtown post office and gave him the meal.
I am merely telling this part because this is where it began to hit me. Dennis with his hands shaken violently takes the bag and cup of water. I began to talk with him and pray for him. As I was doing so, Dennis took the lid off of the water and tried to drink the water. His hands were shaking so badly that he spilled probably a fourth of his water. This is where my heart began to break and I could see what a terrible withdrawal this man was going through.

Now if I could of left out the buying the food part of the story I would of, but then the key part that hit me would not have made sense. I have lately been thinking of what kind of addictions or idols do I have set up in my life. You know I had a friend of mine today say that a lot of Christians today are acting like their slaves to sin when they supposedly have Christ in their hearts. I think I suffer through this every once in awhile myself. If I may be frank and honest with you all for a moment. I have a problem with lust (both sexually and for things). I think this is a tough area for most men and I have to consecrate myself daily to avoid falling into temptation. We all have some kind of temptation that we struggle with, but we have to repent and turn away from that sin to the best of our abilities. Sometimes it is easier said than done, but if you have Christ as your Savior then we are free! The battle is already half fought. So in the spiritual sense we do not need to be like this homeless man and desire the things of this world to the point of destruction.

Now in closing. Please be praying for Dennis Robinson. We all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God and in God’s eyes sin is sin. So we really are no better than Dennis. The only difference is that we have recognized God’s mercy.

I pray God You will break off the chains that Dennis is bounded by and that You will send people in his path that will uplift him, minister to him and help give him another chance. But not only for Dennis but that You God will equipped us to reach those people that You have called us to reach. Thank you God for Your mercy and help me to realise more and more each day that I am free by Your blood.

~ by branhow on February 28, 2010.

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