India Festival 2010

Today (April 17) was the 6th annual India Festival here in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I have been wanting to attend this event for the last three years and today I barely was able to get there today. I do not want to go into details why I have not been able to go to this event for the last three years, but I did have an excellent time today. This festival took place at the Crown Coliseum and had Indians from all over North Carolina traveling here to participate. Every since I watched “Bend It Like Beckham” when I was younger I have been interested in the (Indian) Hindi culture. Plus another factor of it being the third most spoken language in the world also has some appealing characteristics for learning more about it.

Well at the India Festival 2010 there was a lot of performances. I have long been a fan of the Bollywood pop music and the way the women sing is somewhat alluring. There were several women dancing today that in particular caught my attention. One of the girls is actually in the picture above. But here clothing was extremely interesting and she was a beautiful young lady. Her style of dance was really impressive as well. I have seen Hindi Pop dances, but this was a traditional dance. I am not sure what part of India she was representing but I am guessing the western side?

Another thing that has always attracted me to the Hindi culture is the style of dress. The picture above is some traditional dresses that were being sold at the festival. Both the men and women have very interesting style in dress. In fact I am going to try and order a Hindi men’s shirt. I wonder if my sister remembered the website that these vendors had!

Finally the last thing that attracts me to the Hindi culture is of course the language, history and religion. As most cultures the first thing that attracts me is the language. My college FSU is actually allowing students to learn Hindi via Rosetta Stone in the language lab. I have only played around with the software and all I remember is Namaste! 😛 The second aspect that interests me is the history. I think it is amazing is India is the largest Republic in the world. Plus with India being a former British colony I think that is pretty fascinating as well. Finally the last thing that I am interested in the Indian culture is it’s religion. I am a Christian but I still find other religions interesting because religion plays a major part in my life.

Well guys I really had a great time today. I will definitely go back next year and I may even take up learning some more Hindi. But now that I went to the festival I am craving some more Indian food! lol So please leave some comments and I hope you enjoy the pictures!

~ by branhow on April 17, 2010.

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