What Kind of Logic is H-Logic?

I don’t remember talking about H-Logic in Philosophy class?! lol Naww H-Logic is the new album by Korea’s most beautiful singer, Lee Hyori (이효리). I have been anticipating this CD since October of 2009 and she just released it this month (04/13/10). This is the first CD she has released since her last CD entitled It’s Hyorish that came out around 2008. Before I go into a lot of detrails here I first would like to say that I am glad Hyori decided to keep this album pretty clean. With her last album I felt as though she was trying to sell herself in order to push record sells. Even though she is a gorgeous young woman, she has a lot more going for her than just her looks. So I am very happy she is beginning to forcus more on her music instead of other things. She first got my attention from a song she released on her third album called Hey Mr. Big. Now I do not want to hear any smack because even though the title of the song is lame, it is a very catchy song.

Well the question you all are probably wondering, should I purchase this CD? Well I am very skeptical about purchasing CDs, because I often only like a couple of the tracks. But this CD is actually well done and I am glad that she took longer to release H-Logic because she really has done a great job. The album is pretty similar to her last album, but I think this album should be considered more of a techno/pop/dance flavor, instead of just pop. Actually there are several of her tracks that include rap lyrics, which is kind of a nice change.

Just a few last comments I would like to make: first is about the crazy clown and secondly it is about the record company she switched to. I am so puzzled at this clown that seems to be following Hyori everywhere now! There has to be some kind of symbolism here, but I cannot figure it out. If anyone has any ideas please leave a comment! 😛 This clown is actually a little creepy and for some reason I feel as though Lee Hyori is trying to copy Lady Gaga with some of these new music videos. I CANNOT STAND LADY GAGA! lol

The last comment I have is about the new record company. Mnet Media I think was a good move for her. The CD was nicely developed and the packaging (album art) is very impressive. This company seems to have done a much better job than her last record company. Well guys, I am off to the salt mines! Until next time…



~ by branhow on May 5, 2010.

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