Missions Work in South Africa

This Photo Was Taken By: Steve Evans aka babasteve

hi Everyone! Yes it has been a long time. I seem to be starting off my blogs like this a lot now! lol Anyways I just wanted to update you on a close friend of mine. My good friend Elizabeth is actually in South Africa right now doing missions work. When she told me about this several months ago I was extremely excited for her. My friend Elizabeth is actually feeling lead possibly to this part of the world for long term missions. She is currently working with children and working around homes with maintenance. I am not sure what the name of the organization is that she went through, but I do know they are based out of Texas. But the details are not really necessary, I was just letting you all know in order for you all to pray for her! South Africa I think is a little crazy right now especially because of the World Cup. So lets all pray for her safety, that she can hear God’s voice clearly, and that she works in His footsteps. Also we were talking about what was the one thing that had her nervous the most about the trip. Her response was that she would be out of unfamiliar territory and the fact that she was going to be so far away from home. So in addition to praying for the things listed above, lets also pray that God will comfort Lizzie and that she will feel as if she is right at home. 🙂

~ by branhow on July 11, 2010.

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