Minimizing Your Phone Bill

Even though I am not in Hong Kong right now I still do want to post to this blog. So my goal is to begin posting more and more on this website but keep it around for when I go back to Hong Kong and or Mainland China. So today’s topic hit me pretty hard this past summer. This may be a problem for you all if you plan to stay abroad in Hong Kong for an extensive period of time or if you have friends in Hong Kong and you would like to call them.
I tried differently mobile carriers while I was in Hong Kong and different plans because I was trying to find the most economical way to stay in contact with my family here in the US. Hong Kong has a lot of different service providers, but the ones I used were PCCW and Peoples. The service with either company was pretty good but while I was hiking in the Tai Po Market area to see a waterfall, Peoples had a much better range.
But some of my friends buy a calling card and in doing so they can make fairly cheap phone calls from Hong Kong to the United States. Well after thinking about this problem since the summer I have come up with a couple of solutions. If you plan on staying in Hong Kong for a while then why not buy a Skype-In number that is local to Hong Kong. I taught my mom how to use Skype and I could easily call her at a local rate. To make this even easier you can have all your phone calls forwarded to another phone. With Skype calls are a lot cheaper and are usually pennies by the minute.

~ by branhow on August 28, 2010.

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