Across the Yalu River

CountrysideMy apologizes for not posting some of these pictures sooner! Unfortunately my pictures were held hostage for some time and then by the time I obtain my photos, my classes had started again. So this picture in particular was taken from the Great Wall in Dandong, China. Dandong actually is a border city between China and North Korea. As most of you might know, North Korea is a closed country that wants very little influence from the outside world. Anyways we climbed the Great Wall and it was absolutely breathtaking.

This trip was my first trip to northern China. As you all might know, I have spend a good amount of time in Hong Kong/ Shenzhen. But it was nice traveling to northern China where I can actually communicate with the locals!!! 😛 The land you see to the left is all of China and across the Yalu River is North Korea. I know some people say that North Korea is our enemy, but it really is not. The people are just like you and me. Except they are being fed lies about the world and other nations. The problem we have is with the government, so next time you bad mouth North Korea, remember its not the people who we are angry with. The people who we are really angry with are the leaders/ political leaders in North Korea.

~ by branhow on September 20, 2010.

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