Video from the Great Wall

Today I was searching through all of my memory cards, I was looking for some video that I need to finish working on. So as I was looking at all the video that was recorded on these cards, I found some video that I took from the part of the Great Wall located in Dandong(丹东)! I did not shoot a lot of video from the wall, but I did end up taking a good amount of photos, which can be found at my flickr page My Flickr Page. This part of the Great Wall is very special because it overlooks North Korea. This part of the wall is bordering the Yalu River which is the only thing separating North Korea from China. Just remember to keep praying for the people of North Korea and that God will break down the evil leadership in power right now. That one day North Korea can eventually re-unite with South Korea. So anyways I just wanted to post it for everyone and I hope you all enjoy! By the way, I found some video from a Zombie Walk I shot back in October. I will be posting that tomorrow hopefully! 😀

~ by branhow on January 20, 2011.

One Response to “Video from the Great Wall”

  1. who did you use for the music? also you still need to show me those pictures.


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