New Year Resolutions

Well to my friends in on the other side of the world, Happy New Year! Obviously the United States is further behind in comparison with the rest of the world dealing with time zones so we are still in 2011! We are still in the past, almost like time travelers. Well the last few days I have been thinking about my resolutions for the new year. I have actually grown in many ways this past year and I have failed in other areas. But I have managed to study more, exercise more, loose a good amount of weight, and other areas. This year has definitely been a year were I have overall succeeded more with my resolutions than previous years. Sometimes we look at these as mundane menial resolutions to make ourselves feel better, but I would like to encourage everyone to try their best to succeed in their resolutions for the new year. Anyways again Happy New Year and God bless you all! Go the year of the Dragon!!!!

10 New Year Resolutions

1. Read the entire Bible and take the next step in my relationship with Christ.
2. Exercise more, eat more healthy foods, and loose 20 pounds.
3. Organize my schedule (school, work, recreational activities, etc)
4. Finish at least 30 books
5. Significantly increase with my Chinese and Japanese language skills
6. Learn to play the ukulele and saxophone
7. Watch less television
8. Stay in touch with friends
9. Buy less and save more
10. Be more green

~ by branhow on December 31, 2011.

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