Fudan University

China has not left me mind. I have been desperately wanting to travel back since I got back in 2010 and it looks as though God is granting my wish! I am proud to say I have been accepted to Fudan University in Shanghai to study Chinese for a five week intensive course. I am very humble to receive this honor and I am going to spend a considerable amount of time studying Chinese so I may place high over at Fudan. The scholarship covers my living expenses, meals and tuition costs! The only costs I will have to endure are the plane tickets (which are continuing to rise) and some field trip costs to Beijing and Hangzhou! I am not sure if I want to travel back to Beijing because I did not enjoy it. I sensed a lot of anti-Americanism there, but I have heard many great things about Hangzhou! If I do travel to Beijing it would be to hopefully see my two nieces, half sister and her husband. I submitted all of the final requirements for this scholarship and I am waiting for my documents to arrive to Fudan! Now all I need to worry about is increasing in my Chinese and raising enough money for the plane ticket! I will keep everyone posted!

~ by branhow on January 9, 2012.

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