Surprise Surprise! Windows Phone 7

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Taken with my iPod Touch

Well as some of you know I have been having a horrible experience with my current phone company H2O Wireless. I have spent countless hours with them on the phone, so I have been traveling around trying to find another alternative to my current phone service. I spoke with one representative from H2O Wireless and they told me I would not receive a refund for my inability to text for these past weeks. The supervisor told me that H2O policy is not to issue credits or refunds. Anyways I traveled to the T-Mobile store this past weekend (love the new interior redesign by the way) and I checked out the phones while I was there. This was my first encounter with a Windows Phone 7 and I was actually impressed! I thought the UI was very clever and it was a slick looking device. HTC has always been a personal favorite of mine for phones and they did an outstanding job with this Windows phone. Since Windows Phone 7 is still an emerging mobile OS, I know the apps are lacking, but in due time they will increase to the same quantity as seen in the Marketplace and the App Store. I am surprised I liked this phone, particularly because I am strictly a Mac/ Ubuntu user. Check it out for yourself! Oh, and I have decided to go with the $30 a month plan with T-Mobile that includes 1500 minutes/texts and 30 megabytes of data. What do you all think? Is that enough? I’m trying to save money so I think it will suffice.

~ by branhow on January 16, 2012.

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  1. The suite offers controls and capabilities that are currently not available in the UI Toolbox for Windows Phone and not even in the OS, such as Gauge, Window, Transition control & more.


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