Korean Artists Singing More Chinese

K-Pop is becoming more and more popular. I remember just about a month ago when I was in Greensboro at the United Nations Conference in Greensboro, North Carolina, I was speaking with several people from around North Carolina. As we were talking, we came to the discussion of K-Pop and to my surprise a lot of the people who I was chatting with in the conversation were interested in K-Pop. I often joke about how K-Pop has destroyed my taste in music because I used to listen to a lot of heavy rock music or just a lot of rock in general. The amazing thing about this is that the Korean population is relatively smaller in comparison to other global languages, such as English speakers or French speakers. I myself love Korean and I have been independently studying Korean on and off for several years. But as K-Pop continues to reach a global audience, these Korean singers/ bands will continue to find ways of differentiating themselves across the globe. The more commonly spoken language either sung partially or entirely by K-Pop singers other than Korean would be English, except many bands are branching out into the Chinese market.

My Chinese is much better than my Korean and when I discovered this group, I was actually surprised at their pronunciation. Some other groups have tried singing in Chinese and I have been appalled by their proficiency! The two that more recently come to mind are the Wonder Girls and Avril Lavigne (yes she is not Korean). As China continues to become a economic hub for the world, more talent will be focusing its attention to the yuppies of China. As I was watching these two renditions playing, this was mostly what I was thinking about. My only prayer is that the people of China will be able to experience more personal freedoms, especially of expression and religion.

~ by branhow on April 21, 2012.

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