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hey fellow bloggers and blog readers!! today I am doing another post on my previous experience in Hong Kong. Today I’d like to talk about some Cantopop CDs that I purchased over there. They were pretty reasonable for the price. I think they both were close to $100 HKD which seems a lot but is only about $12 USD. Plus both of the CDs came with DVDs of the music videos done by the artists. Well the first Artist that I found is Vincy. Here name in Chinese is which is traditional script (aka Cantonese). I thought the CD overall was actually really good. And the music videos were interesting. She’s got a beautiful voice and the beat is pretty catchy for most of the tracks on this CD. The album name is 多想認識你, if any of you are interested in purchasing her CD. This is her latest album.

The other person I’d like to give a plug for is Jason Chan or 陳 柏宇 for Cantonese. The title of his album is Change. He still had a pretty good album but I didn’t like all of the songs at first. But after listening to them for a little bit I have changed my mind. The DVD that came for his CD includes a music video for his more popular track, “I Miss You”. Also it comes with some other songs that are performed live and it seems to show some Christmas songs 😛 Anyways these Chinese artists to my knowledge are singing in Cantonese, so if you want Mandopop I don’t think this would do you any good. But I think their both pretty good artists and from what the Chinese peeps I asked in the Music store said, they’ve been around for a while. Oh and to give props to the Media store in Northern Hong Kong, the dudettes that worked in there were very knowledgeable and their English was pretty decent. Anyways the shop is Yat Sing Music Center and if anyone is around it in Sheng Shui, they should check it out. We were there for a bit as we were headed to the Chinese border, Shenzhen.

~ by branhow on July 21, 2008.

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  1. darn you china why cant you make up your mind which type of chinese you want to speak.


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