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No offense to my friends in China or Hong Kong, but I think Taiwan has the best Chinese music! I have detoured from my old tastes in music (mostly heavy rock or screamo type music) and now I listen to a lot of Jazz, Pop, Rock and Tencho sounding music. Anyways my favorite Taiwanese group by far is Da Mouth (大嘴巴). I embedded a new music video from their soon to be released album ‘influəns. I am guessing you would pronounce it like Influence. is speculating the release to be April 27, 2012. YesAsia is typically pretty good with announcing the correct release date. I discovered Da Mouth a couple years ago and I have been a fan ever since. I have a couple of their albums and I plan on picking up this latest one in Hong Kong this May. Hopefully it will be cheaper in Hong Kong or Mainland China than ordering it online! Anyways I hope you enjoy the music recommendation! I am including a link to their Wikipedia Page if you are interested in investigating a little more about the group.

Wikipedia Article on Da Mouth

~ by branhow on April 23, 2012.

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