McDonalds Delivers in Hong Kong I had a friend once tell me (in Hong Kong) that restaurants are different depending on the location, particularly in taste! He said “Brandon, I think the pickles are sweeter here at the Hong Kong McDonald’s as opposed to the United States” or something to that affect. I told him that I thought it was all in his head! There are some places like Pizza Hut that have different dishes that would not be served in the United States, like Chicken curry pizza, but for the most part McDonald’s is the same in taste. But one thing I can say that is different is in Hong Kong they deliver! I was riding in an elevator and took a quick snapshot before the delivery girl noticed. I saw her little delivery bag and I thought it was so cool!

Anyways on to a more serious topic! This is the last picture I was able to get with my camera… The camera I just purchased last week in the United States at Cash Converters just stopped working yesterday. I was trying to take pictures in Mongkok, but it was no use. Needless to say, once I get back, I am going to have a long talk with them in why they sold me a defective productive. So I am going to have to dip into my savings account and buy a camera here in Hong Kong. Most things in Hong Kong are much cheaper than in the United States, but that being said, electronics and apartments are much more expensive in Hong Kong. I hear people say well there is no sales tax in Hong Kong, therefore it must be cheaper. Well even with sales tax in the United States, cameras are MUCH more inexpensive compared to Hong Kong.

I also wanted to mention our team’s success in the marathons! We have had three successful runs out of four! Our Coach is giving us pointers and it is going great!

~ by branhow on May 11, 2012.

3 Responses to “Delivery!”

  1. McDonald’s that delivers? I’m in love!! Haha. I hate that your camera failed you — technology these days right? Hopefully you have better success with the new camera and I hope the rest of your trip is exciting!


  2. Brandon, I bought my camera at the Nikon factory store in Hong Kong last time you and I were there together in 08. It actually was pretty reasonably priced, less than I could have bought it for here at home. I know it may be out of the way for you though, since it’s all the way down near the harbor, Kowloon or TST south, if I remember correctly.
    By the way, I’m getting ready to go to Language school to be a Chinese linguist. We are moving to Monterey, CA so I can attend the Defense Language Institute. I will have 18 months of VERY intensive language and cultural training, and graduate with a degree in Chinese.
    Pretty pumped about that!


    • thanks Tony! I really appreciate the recommendation! I will definitely take a look! And congratulations on the new position! That sounds amazing! Have you been learning more Chinese lately?


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