China Runs on Dunkin?

Yesterday I was coming back from a productive jog in Shenzhen and we stumbled across a Dunkin Donuts! I thought the sign alone was cool in Chinese, but my friends insisted on us stopping. When we walked inside, I asked one of the girls behind the counter how long they had been opened and she told me it was their third week. So I am not sure if Dunkin is a new concept in the area or if its been in China for a while and we just happened to see the first one that we have seen in Shenzhen.

If they had a mug with this logo on it, I probably would have purchased it! I really like Dunkin Donuts in the US and to see it in China was kind of having a little piece of the United States over here.

This is a Red Bean Donut and it was absolutely delicious! A lot of my friends (westerners) do not like Red Bean, but if it is done right, I really like eating Red Bean. They also had a Green Tea flavored donut.

The last thing I wanted to share are these interesting little donuts! I do not usually go into Dunkin in the US, because there is a drive thru, but I have never seen donuts like this before! They have the donut holes on the outside! So this may not be new to Dunkin and since I do not go in often, I have just never seen them. But either way I still think this is a little funny.That is all for now, I am off for a morning run!

~ by branhow on May 16, 2012.

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