A Midnight Snack, Chinese Style

The street food almost became a stable in my daily diet while living in Shanghai. There was plenty of street food that I have tried in Hong Kong, but it became a part of my nightly routine to go outside my university’s gate and order a pork burger. A friend of mine called these stands night crawlers because they only come outside at night time so as to avoid the police shutting them down. That may be true, but these night stalls were outside the student dorms gate at almost the same exact time every night, I am sure the police knew about them. A lot of my friends would call me at night and ask if I wanted to join them on a late night journey to find some new and exciting snacks! Meeting up with my friends and discovering new food at the night stands is definitely one experience I miss the most in Shanghai. So an excellent tip for any travelers to Hong Kong or China, try the street stalls! That is where you will find the best local food at an amazingly cheap price!

BTW- this photo is of a food stall around the Bund, she was preparing some octopus for me! MY FAV! lol

~ by branhow on July 24, 2012.

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