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Earlier today I spoke with a friend of mine who studied at the summer session at Fudan University with me this past June-mid July. I had been asking her for sometime, especially in Shanghai :P, to give me the link for her Tumblr page she set up for her travels to China. Anyways today as we were chatting on Facebook, she finally gave me the link! I was looking through the photos that were taken and I thought this would be a great blog outside this blog for those who are interested in seeing China through a different perspective. Jeanna and I were blessed to be able to explore Shanghai in a manner that most tourists or short termers may not be able to see because of the opportunities given to us by Fudan University. So I hope you all enjoy Jeanne’s blog because she has told me she will continue to post more updates! I personally added her RSS feed to my Google Reader. 😛

Here is the link to her page!

~ by branhow on July 26, 2012.

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