Writers Block

Hi everyone! I have been wanting to post on this blog for some time now and I have been suffering from writers block… I am not sure what the matter is but I have been wanting to post more on branhow.com, so I decided to write this post just informing everyone on what I have been wanting to do lately or am doing lately. Since I have gotten back to the United States, I have not really been doing a lot of anything really. I have been trying to continue my studies in Chinese and Korean, but I have been really wanting to start back with my Japanese. I am afraid though if I split my time up too much then I will prohibit the sharpening of my language abilities. So despite my desire to pick back up Japanese, I am trying to focus on only two languages as of now.

I will start my student teaching in the next few weeks and I have been really praying about what the next chapter in my life should be! I have a heavy burden for China and Hong Kong especially, so I have been praying that God will direct me in the path I should go. In fact, every time I try to place my focus elsewhere, my heart clings back to Hong Kong. I have been toying with the idea of travel abroad after I have completed my studies to either South Korea, Japan or Canada. But my heart leads me right back to Hong Kong. It is extremely difficult for me to explain and some people even think that I’m weird. I feel as though Hong Kong is my home and is where I belong.

Well thanks for listening to me ramble! LoL! I will try to be thinking of new articles to post about in the near future!

~ by branhow on July 30, 2012.

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