Another Funny Internet Cat Photo!

I think this kitten enjoyed the soup more than I did!

I originally wanted to finish a video that I have been working on, but because I spent all day in the hot sun, I am now sunburnt. I do not feel like filming the introduction for the recorded interview today because I am all red! But earlier this evening, right after I crashed from a LONG day working, I decided to grab a quick bite to eat. After I opened a can of chicken noodle soup, one of our kittens found the leftovers in the can! I had to throw the can in the recycle bin because this kitten continued to stick his head in the can! I removed his head out of this can about 4-5 times literally. I wish I could have gotten my camera quicker, when he first stuck his head in the can, he was rolling all over the floor trying to get the soup can off his head! It was one of the funniest scenes I have ever seen. I guess he also enjoyed himself considering he continued to stick his head back in the can! Well I am glad I captured a photograph of this funny kitten, especially since tomorrow we are giving him away! But hopefully his picture will become one of the MANY crazy internet cat pictures! The internet was made for crazy cat pictures/ videos.

Silly Kitten

~ by branhow on August 3, 2012.

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