Explorer Blues

My Old Ford Explorer

Most of my friends know that my Ford Explorer after two years of starting my car and wondering if it was going to start, well it finally ended on Monday. The transmission went to the great beyond and I do not have enough money or even the desire to fix it. Luckily my sister has given me her old Chrysler Sebring. The only bad thing is that I am obviously having to put money into it for a tune up. So the money that I made throughout the last two weeks has now been absorbed by maintenance costs. But I am still thankful that instead of a $2,000 bill, I’ll only have a $200-300 bill fixing her car (new battery, fuse, oil change/ fuel filter change, etc).


I really hate driving and this experience has not changed my opinion on driving. This reliance America has developed for automobiles for over almost a century has been a blessing and a curse. The United States has relied on cheap oil for way too long and I am afraid that it will play a major role in America’s downturn. No one can deny that every modern country is ruled by policies governed by oil interests. America consumes a large portion of the world’s oil and China is beginning to overtake our position as the largest oil consumer in the world. Now to be honest, I don’t car either way, but I do hate how America’s policies and policy makers are not recognizing this delima. One reason I love Hong Kong is that it has one of the best Metro services in my opinion. I wish more cities would begin to develop a viable public transit alternative. I just think it’s stupid to place the burden of car ownership on the average American. The cost of insurance, maintenance, car payments, gas prices, etc. Just think at how many lobbyist are in Washington pushing these policies because of all the money tied up in these industries.

~ by branhow on August 15, 2012.

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