Clever Campaign Ad

This presidential campaign has been going on for months (it actually seems like a good year) and it has been really aggravating me. Especially the fact that both candidates have spent well over ONE BILLION dollars in campaigning. I am actually fed up with both political parties because ultimately I believe the Democratic and Republican party are no longer out for the interest of the American people, except the American ELITE.

Lately I have been looking more into a 3rd party to caste my vote for in this November’s election. Despite the fact that I have been discouraged with both parties, I still follow the news and debates because it pertains to the further of our country. The parties have been trying their best to push all kinds of propaganda and today during the Civics course that I have been teaching, we were discussing different types of Propaganda. So yesterday when I was browsing the internet for good sources of political TV ads and commercials dealing with consumer products, I stumbled across this ad. Apparently this ad has not been publicized too much because Sesame Street actually contacted the Obama campaign and asked them to remove this commercial. Anyways I have to give President Obama major props for how clever this ad is. The commercial is actually referring to a comment made by Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney during the first Presidential Debate two weeks ago.

~ by branhow on October 15, 2012.

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