Beginning of Something Amazing

The last several weeks have been confusing for me. I have heard stories of teenagers who are hurting involving their families, their relationships and their mental health. In fact I have begun to loose focus of the number one reason I wanted to join the teaching profession. Thoughts of gloom and hopelessness began to invade my mind. It even began to manifest in my words and I began to say things like these children are never going to get it or this generation is completely lost. It is kind of funny that before church tonight I said to one of the youth group staff members that this generation is lost beyond saving and if America continues to go down this path of corruption and immorality, that maybe we as a country do not deserve to be number one in the world. Perhaps countries like Brazil, Australia and China deserve to be in the world’s limelight because they are experiencing a revival like no other in this century.

God has reminded me tonight that revival is a spiritual manifestation of His presence on His people. God’s presence knows no boundaries and it is His will that He dwells among His creation. God has shown me that we are going to have to sacrifice and have to prioritize the things of God. Tonight we saw God’s power straight on and three of the teens gave their hearts to the Lord. All it takes is dedication and prayer! This generation will see God and all we have to remember is that we have to continue to pray for God’s grace and mercy to overflow mankind. This is something that I want to bring to E.E. Smith and show the teens at this school! I believe God has sent me there for a reason and God wants to dwell just as much at E.E. Smith as He does at Northwood Temple Academy or Pine Forest or even Micky D’s! Praise God!

~ by branhow on October 17, 2012.

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