Comedy Night

Today I have been in a comedy watching mode and I have been watching a lot interviews/ sketches done by Aubrey Plaza! I love how she always has this serious expression on her face and she is constantly cracking jokes. I loved her acting in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World even though she had a pretty small role in the movie. She has recently done another movie called “Safety Not Guaranteed” and I am excited to check it out once it hits Redbox or Amazon. It comes out at the end of this month (October).

This second bunch of comedians I actually showed yesterday to my civics class. It was the last few minutes of class, so I figured it would be good for them after studying so hard! The Mitchell and Webb Show is a pretty funny British comedic duo and in this skit they are making fun of the Nazis during WWII.

The last comedian that I have been enjoying lately is Tim Hawkins. I first heard about him during one Wednesday night Crosswalk service (Christian Youth Group service). One night the pastor decided to show him and everyone was cracking up. Who says Christians don’t have no fun! Anyways hope you all enjoy these recommendations, I have been enjoying them basically all day!

~ by branhow on October 18, 2012.

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