First Impressions

Windows 8 Screenshot

I received my copy of Windows 8 Professional yesterday and immediately installed it on my Toshiba Dynabook. If you all managed to pre-order it before it came out, you could have saved a lot of money on it. Those who wait a little longer can get a download of Windows 8 for $30 or $40 I believe. Anyways I figured I would write up a few things I have noticed after using it for 24 hours.

So my first impressions is that it is definitely different. I unlike many other people did not download a demo of Windows 8. I did a test run of Windows 7, but until recently I was not even interested in Windows 8. Windows 8 is definitely a beautiful looking OS, but I am not sure if the eye-candy is going to be enough to change my mind. My laptop is somewhat old and is not touch capable. From what I have heard from my tech friends is that this distro of Windows is really intended for modern computers with touch enabled screens.

Another negative thing about Windows 8 is the operating system is not intuitive. Apparently laptops that are coming with Windows 8 pre-installed will have special buttons called charms. These charm buttons will make the operating system much more interactive than those computers without these buttons. My laptop being an older model does not have this capability. If it was not for the short intro video before Windows booted, I would not have known about pointing my mouse to the corners in order for the menus to pop up.

When I was using Windows 7 all of my laptop’s drivers worked out of the box. The only thing that was necessary was me having to launch Windows Update and update the drivers. Windows 8 is another issue. The audio driver for my laptop is not working and I have been surfing the internet trying to find a fix. My laptop is a Japanese laptop and I am not sure if this is for all Japanese laptops, but finding drivers is a little different from how it is set up for laptop manufacturers here in the USA. My fingerprint reader is also not working…

The last bummer that I will mention is when I heard several tech journalists saying there was a desktop interface similar to Windows 7, I was expecting to use that more than the Metro interface. The only problem though is there is not a traditional start menu, the start menu is the Metro interface . So I am just going to have to get used to some things. But besides the negative, some of the positive things would be that it is extremely fast!

The other major reason why I wanted to purchase Windows 8 is because Windows has finally decided to support display languages! I can finally change the display language to Chinese or Korean! This in my opinion has been a major lacking feature in the Windows Operating System. It was equally easy to install these language packs and corresponding IMEs. So anyways I will definitely try and do another post after I’ve gotten used to a few things in the next week!

~ by branhow on October 28, 2012.

One Response to “First Impressions”

  1. Currently the main issue that i am having is that like you stated there is no traditional start menu. this makes it awkward and ridiculously retarded to most of the IT stuff that needs to be done on a daily basis ie control panel; you have to make a desktop shortcut if you want to access it easily. I dont know about you but anything extra on my desktop annoys me. also a lot of the ways the insides of the system work are also different but as with any new system it just takes some getting use to.

    all in all its not a … bad OS but the one thing they might want to put as an update is to bring back the traditional start menu as an optional theme.


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