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Attention my Chinese Followers– If you do not have access to YouTube, please check out the Video on Youku
中国的粉丝们请留意——如果你们无法使用YouTube,请尝试链接Video on Youku


Recently my amazing students here in Guangzhou were asked to complete a video project. My goal was to get them thinking about camera angles, learning different ways of telling their stories and expressing their individual creativity. I am currently teaching my S2 students American History/ Culture and Journalism/ Yearbook. Here is one of the projects a group of my students put together. I am very proud of them for their hard work. The first story is a parody of a Chinese television program called Love Apartment or 爱情公寓 and the second story is a parody of the Japanese horror film, The Ring. Good work guys! I’m very proud of you!

~ by branhow on December 18, 2017.

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