Chinese Advert For Presidential Candidates

It seems as though China bashing has become a popular thing among politicians and even though I am a somewhat suspicious of China’s role as a superpower, I do not see China as a threat. Only time will tell how China handles it’s territorial disputes with countries like India, Japan, the Philippines and Taiwan. If China handles these issues in a diplomatic and peaceful manner, I think this would establish well deserved precedent on future ways of handling China. This ad that I am discussing was probably influenced from the last Presidential debate on foreign diplomacy. The candidates continued to bash Chinese economic policy, but from what I have seen, the USA is doing almost the same thing for its own economic policy. Though the Communist government in charge of China is still ruthless, they have managed to tone it down considerably in order to obtain international favor. But before I end this blog post, I am very surprised that these Asians took part in this political advert. The last comment made by the Chinese professor and the crowd roaring with laughter was somewhat offensive and I thought that perhaps it may have been even more so for Asian Americans. My only guess is that these are Asian Americans or Asians residing in the United States since this commercial was done for the American political campaign. Either way I believe that this commercial is nothing but blatant propaganda and offensive to the Asian American community and for myself being an East Asia enthusiast. It definitely creates a ethnic divide among American citizens. Hmm if I didn’t know American politics better, I would say this is discreet racism…

~ by branhow on October 31, 2012.

2 Responses to “Chinese Advert For Presidential Candidates”

  1. Wow…I had never seen that video before. Thanks for sharing.


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