Off the Endangered List

Preserving Traditional Bookbinding Techniques

The DODOcase philosophy is simple, manufacture things locally and help keep the art of book binding alive and well by adapting it to a world of e-readers and iPads. Each DODOcase cover has its own unique character as it was hand made in San Francicsco using techniques developed hundreds of years ago.

Wow, I have so much potential material to blog about! It has definitely been a long time since I was last on here, but I hope to start blogging more again. I was really proud about moving for the most part out of the Apple Universe, but it is definitely hard to stay out of the Apple-verse. I’ve been using my Macbook Pro for about four or five years now and this past Black Friday, I bought a used iPhone 3Gs and unlocked it legally through AT&T. Well at the beginning of this month I purchased an iPad Mini 16 gigabyte model! Needless to say I believe this is probably the best tablet on the market, but I was really tempted by the Nexus 7.

I subscribe to engadget’s RSS feed and I recently saw this company in their newsfeed. Throughout the last few months, I have been going crazy over buying little notebooks for writing notes and taking notes for some online classes that I have been taking. So when I saw this, I thought it was a very clever idea.

We live in a world where everything is mass produced and unlike the mid to late 1800s, items no longer have a story with them. Since everything is made in a factory, we loose a pretty cool aspect with how the products are made individually and personally by artisans. I think the DODOcase for the iPhone is fairly cheap considering the novelty of the product, but the story that comes along with the product is even more compelling. I love how these artisans have taken century old book making techniques and have revived them in the modern age.

I have just ordered my DODOcase and I am looking forward to getting it. Hopefully I will get my case sometime next week. My 25th birthday is this coming Monday, I actually bought it as a birthday gift to myself! Anyways since I have the iPhone 3Gs, I am not sure if it will fit exactly, but I believe the elastic band will keep it in place. I emailed the company and asked them if it would fit, they replied back and were not sure if it would fit. They did tell me that I have a 45 day time period to get a full refund, so if the case does not fit my phone in particular, I can return it. I will let everyone know once I get my DODOcase!

DODOnotes: The First iPhone Compatible Paper Notebook from DODOcase on Vimeo.

~ by branhow on May 18, 2013.

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