Ginger Grill

Some of my friends at Fudan University introduced me to the wonderful world of Vietnamese food! Though my Vietnamese is basically non-existent (I only know Chao and Gam um), you do not need to know Vietnamese to experience some great tasting food! The Ginger Grill has been opened in Fayetteville, North Carolina for some time now and since I first went there a year or two ago, it has been one of my favorite restaurants in the Fayetteville area.

I tried to grab a picture of my appetizer before I started chowing down, but I was somewhat unsuccessful. One of the best things about the Ginger Grill is their presentation. I love how they laid these ragoons on the colorfully decorated plate. The dipping sauce was also unique, I believe it was some lemon grass as a base.

I cannot remember what this particular curry dish was called, but it was an assortment of vegetables and beef. The portion of rice was rather disappointing, but I will say that I was completely stuffed after my meal and I still had enough for a take away box. As most of my friends know, curry is a weak spot of mine. My favorite curries are Indian and Thai, but I would say wholeheartedly that Vietnamese curry is in my top three favorites.

As I have grown older, my palate has grown adventurous and I enjoy tasting a variety of foods. If you have never tried Vietnamese, then you are definitely missing out on some amazing ethnic food. If you are interested in eating at the Ginger Grill, I am including their website.

Ginger Grill Website

~ by branhow on June 20, 2013.

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