Tegan and Sara Came to Raleigh

We were on the second row! Too bad the camera sucks on the iPhone 3Gs.

I have been listening to Tegan and Sara since I was first introduced to the dynamic duo listening to CBC’s The Q with Jian Gomeshi a few years ago. Being a twin myself, I think that was the immediate appeal. I have three of their albums and I love their lyrics/ crazy music videos.

It is actually pure coincidence that I found out Tegan and Sara was coming to Raleigh, North Carolina. I was attending a meeting with a non-profit I am apart of and I happened to see a posting in the Fayetteville Observer. They were playing the very next day! Needless to say I rushed home to see if I could find tickets online. Thankfully I found two tickets in the pit at the Red Hat Amphitheater. We actually were supposed to be further back, but it turns out my sister and I stood on the second row! Unfortunately I sold my iPhone 4s because I hated the new iOS update and was stuck with taking photos on my old iPhone 3Gs. I wish I had just kept it one extra day so my pictures would have turned out better!

Tegan and Sara mostly played songs off their new album, but they did play on old favorite of mine “In Your Head”. A funny side story about the concert, the girls smelled popcorn from the vendors and kept joking about how they wanted some popcorn. Tegan talked about how they’re last trip to Raleigh, North Carolina was during the summer at a blistering 104°F (40°C), which was too much for their Canadian blood. She added that this time they would remember performing in Raleigh on a beautiful cool night smelling popcorn. To my surprise, a fan actually bought them popcorn and reached across the railing to give it to them! Even more shocking was that the girls ate some of the popcorn!

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Turns out the concert was really for FUN.

Well since my sister and I found out about the concert at the last minute, we had no idea the concert was really for a group called FUN. I’ve heard their songs on the radio, but I didn’t know their name. I was somewhat disappointed to only see Tegan and Sara for a little over an hour, but it was still worth it. FUN put on a good show, despite all their cursing.

For the most of the time, the lighting during the FUN portion of the show was more tamed than Tegan and Sara’s. It made it a lot easily for me to take photos. Also the lead singer moved all over the stage, whereas Tegan and Sara were stationary for most of the show.

The music was so loud during this portion of the concert, my heart felt like it was skipping beats! I mean I’m half deaf and I thought it was a little too much. It probably would have been a nicer experience, if not by this time mostly everyone around us was drunk. Unlike the popcorn smell earlier during the show, it definitely was overrun by alcohol at this point.

Well overall it was an excellent concert and my sister and I had a great time! On an ending note, I was surprised to see Red Hat’s (yes as in the Linux Distro) name and logo was all over the amphitheater. Apparently they are trying to branch out I guess.

They had really cool special effects.

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