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The New Year has begun, school is back in session, its almost time for Cumberland County exams to start! Jan 11, 2016- Jan 15, 2016! This post is for my students in American History One! I have poured my soul into you guys, I am proud of you all! This is the last tip I would like to give you all to help prepare you for your exams next week. Please do not take these tips for granted, they will help you immensely. I have found some videos on YouTube explaining these tips, so watch them and get ideas to help you study!

Tip #1- The Pomodoro Technique

Have you ever studied all night for an exam or test and then end up with a worse grade than you expected? There is such a thing as too much studying, our brains are actually trained to operate in 10-15 minute spans (some actually speculate its less) because of television and commercials. The worse thing you can do is cram all that material into your brain over a 2-3 hour timespan. The best thing you can do is break it down and take breaks. The Pomodoro Technique is actually how I learned how to read Japanese (over 50+ letters in their alphabet) and how to read and write Korean within a day. It can help you tremendously! Start using this technique now!

Tip #2- Look through these tips and find out what tips work best for you!

Not all of these tips will help you! The great thing about people is that we are all uniquely different! I may not like drawing all over my body facts that relate to the material in order to stir up my brain, but for a while I would carry around Chinese vocabulary flash cards in my back pocket. If I was waiting in line, I would pull them out and go over them. Anything that will help you work through the information, no matter how silly, will pay off!

Tip #3- You can actually study the wrong way?! GASP!

Study smarter, not harder. There are plenty of times where we spend a lot of time doing things, but there are smarter faster ways to do something. Let’s face it, you have four other classes to study for and a lot of material to cover. Take a step back and focus on the main ideas and how you can maximize your study habits!

Tips #4- Defeat Procrastination!

If you wait till the last night before exams to start studying, the truth is you will probably not perform to the best of your abilities or even worse –> FAIL!!!!!!! Make sure you at least try to study. Some time is better than no time, don’t procrastinate!! You do not want to regret spending this week foolishly or not studying and mess up. Remember this state exam is 25% of your grade. You have come too far to mess up now! Just hang in there, it’s only a little over a week left of the hard stuff in school! Anyway I will be praying for you all and best wishes! Good luck!


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