Leaving for North Carolina!

I originally made a video, but I didn’t like the way it turned out. So I decided to make a quick blog update in regard to our Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year) update! I have successfully finished the first semester at my new school in Dalian China. So that means the Howard family is finally on the way back to North Carolina! I have been thinking about home at lot these past few weeks in particular. I know it may be hard to believe, but I left for China back in August 2016 and was expecting to be able to come back during the summers since then…

Well, God blessed me with a beautiful wife in 2017 and unfortunately we had difficulty getting Elizabeth a VISA to visit. Then we ended up having a beautiful son and it was equally complicated applying for Elizabeth to get a B1/B2 Visa… Well God finally answered our prayers and last year when we applied for the 3rd time, the US consulate finally granted Elizabeth a B1/B2 VISA with a 10 year timespan! It was a reminder that even though things may be out of our control, we should continue to keep our Faith in the One who made us. So we will be back in Fayetteville North Carolina.

We have had a lot of friends and family messaging us so we can all meet up! Elizabeth and I are soo excited to be seeing everyone and we are thinking that having a potluck several times over the time we are in Fayetteville will be the easiest way for us to meet up with everyone! So we are asking that if you are interested in attending a potluck with us, please leave a comment below so we can create a Facebook group and start working out the details! FAYETTEVILLE!!!! HERE WE COME!

~ by branhow on January 18, 2020.

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