Second Update on Travel Plans


MiCasita, Oh How I’ve Missed You!

Hey everyone! I am beginning to get a lot more email messages on Facebook/ my email about whats going on with the Howard family. So I wanted to provide a short little update.

First off, though this trip has definitely been difficult and filled with unexpected outcomes, God has provided for us the entire way. I was just reflecting on this this morning, it could have ended up a lot worse. So before I get started, I just think I should give a major shout out to our Heavenly Father for taking care of us!

So now for the short update, we are still in my hometown in the USA. My job back in China has officially begun online teaching with Canvas, so I do still have a job. Our school is not opened yet in China, Maple Leaf has been instructed to remain closed (as well as most schools in China) until further notice. Our school has been speculating when they will open again, but I’ve been in China long enough to know, this is pointless. It is impossible to speculate what the government is thinking and especially how a virus is going to react. But that being said, they are a business, so I feel like they have every right to begin planning as much as they can.They have been asking us to return, but we are not the only teachers in this predicament. I would say over 30% of the teachers at my school are in same circumstances and our school operates campuses all across China. They have similar reports at their other campuses across China.

We were really hoping to fly out mid this month, but we have been notified if we were to fly through either Korea or Japan, then we would be quarantined in a facility in Dalian (because these countries now have “higher infection rates” than China at the moment). So needless to say, we are not interested in that. We have been looking for alternative routes and flying through Canada seems like our only feasible option. Unfortunately, Elizabeth needs a VISA to travel through Canada (even the airport), so we are in the process of applying for a travel VISA to Canada for her. Please help us pray that it’s a speedy process because at the moment it looks like it’ll take this entire month to process it.

Currently, in the state of North Carolina, we have had our first two reported cases of COVID-19 in Wake and Chatham County. I am not sure what to believe about how prepared the USA is in regard to this virus, but it seems like we are not exactly prepared. Please pray for all of the countries affected by this virus, especially China, ‘Merica, S. Korea, Japan and Iran.

Well that’s about it at the moment, I will continue to keep you all updated! It has been a major blessing to be back home, but it still has been a mixed bag of things. Thank you all for your prayers and please continue to pray for us and others safety/ wellbeing.

~ by branhow on March 7, 2020.

3 Responses to “Second Update on Travel Plans”

  1. I used to take a direct flight with delta fro Detroit to either Shanghai or Beijing. But delta may not be doing those flights right now


    • They are starting back up in the middle of this month, but from what I’ve seen on Orbitz, Kayak, CTrip, they are all landing in either Seoul or Tokyo. Plus, they are super expensive at the moment… I think maybe waiting is the best option at the moment. When was the last time you went to China?


  2. Hey Brandon, Elizabeth and Noah. Well written update. I keep thinking about your many failed attempts to get your family here for a visit and the oddness of finally getting all the government permissions only to have them coincide with the, then unknown, virus outbreak. I am thankful you are here, safe, and have had the chance for us to get to meet the rest of the Howard family. Brandon – you done good! I pray your steps (traveling and otherwise) are ordered by God and that amid the possible confusion of news that might come your way from without, you are able to here that still, small voice clearly from within. Blessings!


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