A Warning to the People of the World


Good afternoon everyone, today is April 14th and we have been back in the USA since Jan 21st… We had not expected to still be here for this length of time, but there have been some things hard re-adjusting with in America. Especially on Facebook, I cannot believe some of the comments, articles, videos that have been shared on this social media site… Therefore, I have decided to delete Facebook off my phone and I will be checking it only a few times a week on my laptop… There is nothing Social about Social Media and these last few months have shown me my greatest concern from these tech giants of Microsoft, Facebook, Google, these corporations and their inventions (social engineering) are destroying our country and humanity… Death by social media… (社会媒体) By the way, I am saying this of ALL social media and tech giants(社会媒体)! Here in the USA and abroad…

~ by branhow on April 14, 2020.

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