Praise Report and Update

Hey everyone! I just wanted to provide another update and share a tremendous praise report since you all were helping us pray for God’s favor. Last time, I had sent you guys an update, we were waiting for the Chinese embassy to reply back to our emails in regard to our son’s entry exit permit. Literally the next day after that post and so many people praying, we received a reply. Though the reply was not what we expected or wanted. The Chinese embassy basically told us that they would not help us until we purchased our tickets back to China first. This was a little confusing for us but I contacted my school and asked them to arrange tickets for us because traveling to China is still heavily restricted. My school began trying to work with several Chinese travel agencies to see what they could do.

Though we received this unfavorable news from the Chinese embassy, we continued to pray (and I know you all did as well)! Well Thursday of last week, the embassy emailed us again and asked us to make an appointment on Friday so that we can get Noah’s travel document started! Another individual had read the email and decided to override the previous person’s message. Praise God! So we went ahead and completed the beginning steps that we were instructed to do. Well it turns out that we had to make appointment for Monday on Friday and this was the only appointments available for the entire month of September. Well my company on Friday had finally purchased our tickets, which they purchased them for the first week of October. If God hadn’t changed the heart of whoever was responsible for reading our email, I am quite positive we would have missed Monday’s only available appointment with the embassy and who knows when the next appointment would have been able to be scheduled in October. Divine Providence!

So yes, Noah’s paperwork was mailed out earlier this week and are on the way to the embassy. Thank you all for your prayers! Please lets continue to pray that these documents get safely to the Chinese Embassy, that they expedite Noah’s travel document and that it can arrive back here within a week.

We have really enjoyed our time here (and I have really enjoyed being back), as I was driving around today working on some errands, I realized that I am going to really miss Fayetteville (especially family and friends). But we are ready to return back to China and begin the work that we have been called to do! Please keep us in your prayers and I will keep you all posted once Noah’s travel permit arrives!

~ by branhow on September 16, 2020.

One Response to “Praise Report and Update”

  1. Many prayers of praise and God speed you back. Declaring your travels are swift and safe and that you resettle easily and comfortably. China is the last place in this world I’d want to be you are pretty brave.


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