Lately I have been listening to Alizée a lot. I think she is an amazing artist. She’s been around for some while and she has a semi-new CD called “Psychédélices”. I really like this CD. I ordered mine on amazon for about $20. Alizée has released around 4 mainstream CDs but has also released special editions of her albums through limited countries. One example would be in Japan she released an English version of her very popular song “J’en ai marre”.A way from the music, Alizée is a very attractive young lady and something that I really think is awesome about her is her tatoo. Alizée has this really cool tatoo of Tinkerbell on her back and I think that’s real hott! lol Anyways I have really enjoyed her Psychédélices CD and I think it’s definitely something worth looking into. I’ve tried the iTunes store in the U.S.A and they do not offer this recent album but they do offer previous albums. So I think the best bet would be via Amazon.Another nidbit of information would be that I am using Alizée’s CD as a recommendation on our very first podcast that should be airing this coming Monday! The podcast is called CultureCast Radio and is hosted by So we encourage you to listen to our podcast and you can subscribe soon via iTunes!

~ by branhow on March 5, 2008.

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