Dear Lord

after watching this Human Footprint special, I am realizing that just one person has a giant impact on the earth! we consume so much… but I’d like to see the statics on the entire world. because even though the US does it’s share, I know we aren’t the only ones. We need to look at better ways of saving resources. I think we as a nation need to look at ways of conserving energy and what not. I mean if we look at Japan or Korea we see they have a pretty advance train system or they walk! Owning a car is less common in Japan or Korea, so maybe we need to adapt this concept. What do you all think? This is just a quick post on what I’m thinking about :P. But I want to hear your thoughts

~ by branhow on April 13, 2008.

One Response to “Dear Lord”

  1. actually ive been doing some research after watching the same show and the USA is on of the cleanest countries by far and the funny thing is that the tree huggers bother us more than anyone else


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