FireFox 3!

well I’ve actually had a few days to play around with Firefox 3! and first look it’s absolutely amazing looking on the mac. It’s done with a nice cocoa interface and a lot of translucent dropdowns. Upgrading was not an issue from Firefox 2 and it hasn’t crashed for me yet. Firefox 3 was just released on Tuesday and the people at Mozilla even had a special event for the occassion. They wanted to break the world record for most downloads across the globe in 24 hours. There has not been any word back from the guiness world record folks but it could be that the Mozilla corps actually broke the record. I’m not sure what the current record is but Firefox was downloaded by over 8 million people in the first 24hrs of it’s release. If you would like to check out the map of what countries downloaded Firefox check out I thought it was cool to look at how the rest of the world loves Firefox! Oh and one last technical note. Most of my extensions worked with Firefox 3, the only ones that didn’t see to work well were the themes. But this user interface looks very stylish already, so I won’t be needing any other themes. So everyone switch to Firefox 3 and ditch that lame old I.E! Check Firefox out at

~ by branhow on June 19, 2008.

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