Unlocked Nokia N95

hey everyone! Yes i know I haven’t been writing as much lately but I recently got a new phone and I want to talk about it! Tigerdirect recently had a sell about a month ago and I purchased an unlocked Nokia N95. This is the phone I wanted to buy in China but it was selling for around 600-700 USD there! Well I didn’t buy it there and I’m actually glad I didn’t because I got it for a lot less than that. I mean a lot less! Anyways this is an unlocked GSM phone and I can take it any GSM carrier in the States. Not only that but it supports the Verizon networks and Sprint networks. As some of you know I recently went to Hong Kong and China. Well my phone at the time was a Sonny Ericcson W710i. It was a locked phone with the Suncom network. I could not switch SIM cards over there and buy a prepaid card because of this. So next time I fly to China I can now use my cell phone! The N95 I think is a major iPhone killer. It is a geeky kind of phone though and I find only heavy computer users adapting to this phone. It’s written with a Symbian OS S60 and it supports JAVA! It has built in WIFI, stereo bluetooth, a headphone jack, a 5 megapixel camera with a flash. The music player on here is really nice and it offers a slot for a microSD slot. So I had a 4 gig card lying around and I popped it in! So far the only negative about this phone is it does not support Asian languages… and a lot of the tags in my mp3’s are in either Chinese or Korean… So it comes up as boxes instead of Korean or Chinese. I am hoping though since the Symbian OS is going to be released as open source in the near future someone will develop a plugin for asian language support. Anyways check out the phone at http://www.nokiausa.com/link?cid=PLAIN_TEXT_430087. Oh by the way, I wouldn’t buy it from Nokia, I found it for about $150 less through Tigerdirect. Enjoy! This is definitely the iPhone killer for geeks!

Oh and before I forget I downloaded a plugin for my N95 and I can now sync it with my iCal and Addressbook on the mac! I can also mount it as a drive and copy my music too! I’m very impressed with this phone! Nothing but high praises!

~ by branhow on August 17, 2008.

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