Travel Update- March 22, 2020

Well guys, this is my last blog from the USA… Unfortunately, my school has demanded my return and has threatened to stop my salary until I returned… It is unbelievable that they have decided to take this approach, especially since the US, Canada, Japan, a lot of Europe have issued strong recommendations to not fly through these countries. We have been hurt financially with this whole debacle and believe that this was our last option. Though I’ve communicated my concerns, they have been headstrong in my return no matter the circumstances.

That being said, we as a family have decided to have Elizabeth and Noah stay in the US until the school semester is over. Most of the cases that have been identified recently are from people on boats or flying. Therefore, since Noah is too young to understand that he needs to wear a mask, keep his hands out of his mouth or eyes, we think it is a good idea to keep them here.

I do not know what to expect traveling through these airports with all of the safety measures they are taking. Also, I do not know what to expect when I arrive back in Dalian, China. I know what they have told us, but I also know that terms and conditions are always subject to change with the Chinese government or local authorities in China.

Please pray for my family here. We are thankful to have my mom and my sister, but this will be the longest time Elizabeth and I have been apart since we have known each other. We have only spent 2-3 days apart since we have been married and Noah and I have never been apart. It has been an emotional roller coaster having to make these decisions, but we are just trying to do what we think is right. I prayed for several weeks that if this was the right decision, that Elizabeth would find peace in this decision without my asking her. She has even though she acknowledges this is going to be difficult. I am taking this as a confirmation that we are moving in steps ordained by God.

I will keep you all posted on the whole ordeal, especially after I arrive back in China. My flight is this Wednesday (Match 25) at 6am from RDU. It is going to be the longest flight I’ve ever taken, almost a total of 40 hours… I am trying to stay positive about the whole situation, but I am already missing Elizabeth, Noah, my mom, my sister… Thankfully, it will only be for 3 months. But once my school ends, I will return to the USA for about a week, get my family and we will need to leave. Elizabeth’s VISA will run out toward to end of July.

Anyway, take care everyone. Please take care of yourselves. Stay close to God and rely on His strength. But please continue to take precautions for your sake and others. God bless

~ by branhow on March 23, 2020.

4 Responses to “Travel Update- March 22, 2020”

  1. So sorry to hear this but you are fortunate to have your mom and sister here to keep Elizabeth and precious Noah while you are gone. 3 months is not that long. Besides, you can still der them on Facetime. Lol. Be safe on your travel, keep us posted.


    • Hi Brandon, praying for you and the family over this situation… God is sovereign over all these things that are happening.


  2. This saddens my heart very much, Brandon! Rich and I will keep you, Elizabeth, Noah, Alexis, and Donette.lifted up by name to our Father. Stay the course. He IS faithful.


  3. Hope you aren’t quarantined for 14 days upon arrival!


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