Crazy Romanian Game-show Host

Hey everyone! I was getting ready for my Psychology class today and as I was getting ready I was listening to Bob and Sheri in the morning (national Radio show in the U.S and Canada)! Anyways they always try to have some amusing international news. Well I’m not sure their source of this information, but thanks to youtube I found the particular episode! I might suggest to Sheri via email for her to quote her resources. I’d like to post the link to this article. 🙂

A popular game show host named “Adela Lupse” in Romania displayed a temper tantrum on a live broadcast. It seems that her game show was not receiving any callers one evening and she went overboard. After not receiving any phone calls throughout most of her show she takes her phone and smashes it into the ground. As this is happening she is yelling in Romanian ‘God only knows what she was saying lol’. By the tone of voice she was using I do not believe it was a pleasant dialogue. Anyways Miss Lupse lost her job shortly after the show and cost the television studio a large fine. Another consequence to this woman’s bizarre behavior is the Romanian government has now changed the rating to this particular game show to an ‘X’ and has requested they change the airing time to after 10pm. This is to prevent minors watching violent acts on television. lol Anyways I find it extremely funny and here is the Youtube link. Enjoy 😛

~ by branhow on January 21, 2009.

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