American Debut

BoA is one of Asia’s renown female artists. BoA (보아) is also one of my favorite female artists. She started out as a Korean pop singer but ended up as a greater success in Japan. In fact a lot of her recent albums are all in Japanese. Her fame in Japan was so great that I originally thought she was Japanese. Anyways for the past several months Boa has been staying here in the US, attending private English lessons. Her goal was to improve her English and begin a music career here in the United States. Well looks like she is off to a bright start!

Boa had released her first English song in late October entitled “Eat You Up”. This was just a taste of her future CD. The beat is extremely catchy but it seems to be a little too secular for my taste. The song was such a hit that it was on the top 10 in iTunes under the Dance category for several weeks.

Well since I am a big Boa fan and supporter I bought her CD! I am quite impressed with her English and I am positive she will become a pretty well known singer her in the US as well. Her fame may not rise to that of like Britney Spears, but I still think she will do a great job here in the United States.

Anyways I really enjoyed ninety percent of all of the tracks of her first American album and I am looking forward to hearing future tracks from her. Her CD is a bit secular but luckily most of them are subtle and not as blatant as perhaps some other singers. The beat to most of the songs are fresh and as I stated before her English is outstanding for a non-native speaker. Her album is for sell on iTunes or Amazon. If you are looking for a hard copy of the album it may be a little more difficult to find. To my knowledge Best Buy was the only retailer here in Fayetteville that was selling her CD. I normally buy all of my music on either iTunes or Amazon’s MP3 store but I really wanted to buy this one as a CD.


~ by branhow on March 21, 2009.

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  1. thanks for letting me borrow the disc, i loved it


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