Why did I do it you ask? Just because I can

Hacked iPod Touch Hacked iPod Touch
So why did I decide to jailbreak my iPod Touch? Just because I can! lol Lets just say that the only thing I have not hacked is my N95. My DVD Player, Apple TV, Nintendo DS, my old Sony Ericsson W710i, my old Samsung T10, and now my iPod Touch!
Now I hear that Apple is now declaring this jailbreaking process a violation of the EULA. Well I’d like to first say that I paid for my iPod and therefore I have the right to use it however I see fit. Otherwise lets say I bought a car and then Ford told me that I could only drive my car every other day and I could not drive in certain areas of the United States.
Another thing I’d like to say is I’ve paid Apple for the firmware upgrades as well as the Applications from iTunes. So my jailbreaking my iPod Touch has nothing to do with Apple’s profit. Even the music and videos have all been paid for. Give or take a few songs that I could not purchase because of the fact that their foreign artists that do not have a presence here in the States. And even then I try to buy every song that I can, because I feel as though supporting the artist is important.
So anyways back to the hacking my iPod. This was so simple that I believe a five year old child could successfully pull off this process. I found a great piece of software called quickpwn and then I was able to run it to jailbreak my iPod. Now there is another program you can download called quickfreedom. But I’ve read a lot of good stuff about quickpwn and it’s the one that I used myself.
So after you download quickpwn and a copy of the firmware you can begin the process. Run the application and it will go through a step by step process in jailbreaking your device. Really once you have the program installed the only effort on your part is holding down the home button and the power button when the software tells you to.
Now what are some of the benefits to jailbreaking your iPod? Well really I like the customization features you have available to jailbroken iPods. I have changed the icons and instead of a black consistent background I now have my wallpaper on the main screen. Also you can download apps that Apple have not blessed. One app that I would consider buying is a podcasting application. Now I now Apple added this functionality to the iPod now, but this will actually allow you to subscribe to your podcasts. Another advantage is I heard that the second gen iPod touches have bluetooth built-in and you can pair a stereo bluetooth headset to your iPod. You could even use it to make phone calls over a wifi network. 🙂 Your iPod will still operate as it originally did, it will just have added functionality. All of your music, videos, applications, podcast or whatever will still work on your hacked iPod. Syncing with iTunes is also the same.
So I won’t link you all to quickpwn’s website but you will definitely find it if you google quickpwn. It should be the first link. Hope you all found this interesting and happy hacking! 😛

P.S. Those were only several of the benefits to jailbreaking. It’s a very safe process and in fact if you don’t like it you can restore your iPod to it’s original state via iTunes. So since it’s so easy I’d at least say, try it out!

~ by branhow on April 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Why did I do it you ask? Just because I can”

  1. sounds like fun now if only i had an ipod


  2. do you think that i can hack my dvr


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