A Time For Us

Well lately I have been becoming more and more a fan of Cantopop. It might be because of my recent trips to Hong Kong, but the music is really growing on me. One Cantopop artist that I am really liking at the moment is Joey Yung or 容祖兒(Yung Cho-Yee). She has also been around to my surprise for almost a decade in the entertainment space and I would gather she is very popular in Hong Kong, considering all of the advertisements I saw her in. Everywhere I turned my head I saw a giant poster with Joey Yung advertising something (mostly Broadway- a chain of electronic stores in Hong Kong). Anyways back to the real reason of this blog post. While I was over in Hong Kong I purchased one of her latest CDs. At the time it was her latest one, but within the last couple of weeks she has released another CD that is completely in Mandarin or Pǔtōnghuà. The album I am talking about though is “A Time For Us”. I bought what is called the version 2. I’m not sure what the difference was but there was a lot of stuff included in with the CD. I received a photo album of the lovely Joey, the CD and a DVD with all of her music videos that came from this album.

My favorite song from the CD is 可歌可泣. It was the very first song on the CD. I’m not sure how to translate the title. All I can read is Ge *blah* Ge *blah*. But that is my favorite song on the album, you can search for this one of youtube. Please do not get me wrong though, I have actually enjoyed every song on her CD (which is extremely rare, because this is the number one reason why I try not to buy CDs anymore, I often do not like all of the songs. But thank God for iTunes and the Amazon MP3 store). Anyways I just wanted to give a plug for the album because I am enjoying it. So listen to it if you get the chance! Until next time!


~ by branhow on August 18, 2009.

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