Nokia’s Branching Out

I can remember my very first cell phone. It was a Nokia phone and it was back when they did not have color screens yet. I believe I was in the 7th grade in Junior High so that was around umm 2001 or 2002. Well ever since that first cell phone I have been a Nokia fan. Out of the four phones I have had since then three of my phones have been Nokia. My current phone that I have is a Nokia N95. I have always been impressed with Nokia’s Symbian based operating system and the durability that they seem to have. No matter how well you take care of a cell phone, you are going to eventually drop it.

Anyways Nokia’s market share has been dropping gradually ever since the introduction to Apple’s iPhone some two years ago and Canada’s notorious Blackberry. This being said, Nokia still has the largest market share in the mobile market than any other cell phone manufacture. Well in an effort to saturate the market even further, they have announce plans of jumping in the Netbook branch of the tech industry. Nokia has been a leading player in the mobile computing market with their tablet computers. Will Nokia be able to compete against the other established players in the Netbook realm? The good thing is this category of computers is new in itself. So luckily Nokia is not too far behind.

Well I am looking forward to playing around with one of these little machines. Judging by the youtube video they are going to be a very sleek high end type of netbook. I think they are clearly going against Asus and their new branch of netbooks known as the Seashell. For more information on the story, please follow the links provided at the end of this entry! Thanks for reading!

~ by branhow on August 24, 2009.

One Response to “Nokia’s Branching Out”

  1. all i have to say is.
    I WANT ONE!!!


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