Love Connected (保持爱你)

Love_ConnectedLove Connected (保持爱你) is one of the latest films by the Hong Kong director Patrick Kong. If any of you have seen the British love comedy “Love Actually” well then this type of storyline will be very familiar to you. The only difference is that these actors and actresses are speaking Cantonese. ;p Throughout the film, you are expected to keep up with several different love triangles all through the movie.
Before purchasing the DVD I read several different websites that are linked to this article about the film. Except I never really seem to agree entirely with the articles I read on I always seem to enjoy the movie more than whoever is writing the review. I do agree with the writer that this movie in particular was not Patrick Kong’s best film, but it was still a cute movie to watch. Despite what most Hong Kongers say, I really enjoy the cast in Patrick Kong’s films. Stephy Tang is one of my favorite Cantonese actresses and I seem to gravitate towards her films every time she releases a new film. *Probably mostly because she is cute lol* Anyways I think she is not as bad an actress some people portray her.
I found the movie on eBay for around 9USD and I definitely think this movie is worth spending $9 on. The movie is quite humorous in several areas throughout it and a lot of the characters are compelling. There was only one story that did not add up throughout this movie. I do not want to say who the character was because it probably would spoil the movie. But I will say one of the characters is actually deaf, except you do not find out who it is until the end of the movie. The only thing is that I do not buy the different ways the director shows the audience in how the character was actually deaf. The different scenes that are replayed just did not match up. But besides this one character, the movie I thought was enjoyable.
So if you are interested in a cute fun little movie with a lot of Hong Kong pop stars then this is your movie! You can either find it on eBay or YesAsia. This seems to be a nice date movie, so buy it and watch it with your girlfriend. 😛


~ by branhow on September 24, 2009.

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