Really? Are You Serious?

Image Hosted By: Flickr Last Saturday my sister was dead set and determined to go out early that morning and have me take pictures of her… Well I know that Fayetteville is probably not as cold as some other places in the US or the world, but that day it was rather chilly. As we were walking around downtown Fayetteville, I said to my sister, “It is freaking cold out here” and she replied back with “No, it is really not that cold”. Well I have the picture to prove my point. As we walked around the corner of a little cafe, we ran across this foundation. As you can see it is just beginning to warm up enough to get some of the water flowing. Holy Crap! lol It was cold

~ by branhow on December 21, 2010.

One Response to “Really? Are You Serious?”

  1. now all they need to do is add some led lights and viola, winter art.


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