Patent Wars

Ending Software Patent Petition

If you think that Software Patents in the US have gone completely out of control, please sign this petition. Companies are no longer innovating but are buying up patents that represent ideas that have never been implemented. These companies actions are stifling competition and are ultimately causing us the consumer to pay more for products.

Competition and innovation are vital to the technology sector. Without these two key components we begin to see businesses utilizing their monopolies. This topic is important to me because I am not necessarily a geek like I once was but I am definitely an enthusiast. I find this equally important because these are some of the components that lead Apple/ Steve Jobs to revolutionize the PC and without these components, we will never see another Steve Jobs or product that changes the entire spectrum in how we communicate with one another.

BTW, RIP Steve! You were an inspiration to millions across the world and I pray that you found peace! Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family/ friends of Jobs.

~ by branhow on October 7, 2011.

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