Robynn Yip

Since I discovered Robynn Yip on a DVD from WongFu Productions a while back, I have been a fan of hers. Shortly after that I discovered her on YouTube and I have been following her work ever since. I love her style of music and I admire her use of social networking in order to promote her music. I wish my sister would take some pointers! 😛 Anyways Robynn Yip is a local Hong Konger if I’m not mistaken and she sings beautifully in Cantonese, English and Mandarin. She has one of her songs available now in iTunes which I included the MV in this blog post. There are not a lot of Hong Kong singers that I like, but Robynn is definitely one of those. I can count on one hand the Cantonese singers that I enjoy. So support the local talent and support her once she releases her first CD from Hummingbird Music! Until then if you enjoy her MV purchase the single from iTunes. Hope you all enjoy the recommendation!

Robynn Yip’s Personal Website

~ by branhow on October 22, 2011.

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