Today has been one of those days of constant procrastination! I have had several assignments due today for two different classes and I have managed to get them in when they were due, but it did take an act of Congress! During the time I should have been working more diligently on my homework, I was wasting time checking out some music streaming services online. I have been contemplating purchasing a subscription to one of the following music services: Rhapsody, Spotify, Rdio or the Zune Music Pass. Well despite our wonderful capitalistic society, all of the services are the same price! Talk about a monopoly (probably established by the record companies). All of the services range from $5 for the web online access version of their content to the $10 a month fee to stream the services to multiple devices, such as an iPod Touch.

Well needless to say, I rarely listen to music on my computer anymore because the stereo I got over the summer has an iPod dock along with a 3.5mm input for any other device that has a headphone jack. I definitely want the ability to play one of these services off my iPod Touch. The one service which sastifies a wider range of my ecletic tastes is Spotify, but I have been interested in Rdio. The good thing about any of these services is there is no contract required. So if I want to check one service out over the other, I have that opportunity. So why did I embedd a youtube clip of LIGHTS? Well as I was exploring these services, I realized that LIGHTS had an album which was released last year. I managed to get her single Toes when it was first released, but with how busy life has been I am surprise I remember anything! Anyways I really enjoy her stuff and I think this Siberia song is actually pretty catchy and I like the lyrics. My favorite track on this Siberia CD though by far is called Everybody Breaks a Glass. I wanted to give a quick recommendation for this album and also ask if anyone thinks one of those services previously mentioned were better than the other. I think the one I was least impressed with was the Zune pass, mostly because I have an iOS device, Macbook Pro and I use Ubuntu. Microsoft is the last on my list when it comes to compatitbility for obvious reasons. Anyways leave a comment about the pros and cons of the services that you use and I would greatly appreciate it!

~ by branhow on February 25, 2012.

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